About Jorna Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Takeaway Restaurant in Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 8JJ

Boshor Ali is Jornas experienced manager. He eats from the restaurants menu every night. He has interesting things to say about the subtleties of Indian food, and peoples changing tastes. Five years ago, if we sold 10 dishes, eight of them would be Massala because thats what people were familiar with, and at that time the taste in Indian food was relatively conservative Nowadays peoples tastes are much more varied, and we are increasingly being asked for our own national dishes. Like 95 per cent of the people who run Indian restaurants, we are actually from Bangladesh, and fish forms a large part in our national cooking. We have recently added one or two fish dishes to our menu.

It s important that people get away from the idea that because its Indian food it must be hot. The Kurma dishes are creamy and mild, and the Birianis have very little spicing in the meat or chicken which is added to the rice. You can adjust the spicing yourself by adding extra curry sauce. Don’t forget too that we are well known for our Vegetarian dishes and Baltis.

When you have got used to the spicing in mild dishes you ought to become more adventurous, try the medium spiced dishes. There are many wonderfully flavoured dishes which gain their character from the wide range of spices added. Eventually you will find that even the Jalfrezi dishes aren’t too hot, and they are cooked with peppers and lots of different spices and include chillies as well. But I would never recommend phal to a customer. We only prepare that if someone really knows what they are asking for. There is so much spicing in it that it even affects you while you are cooking it, and yet we have one customer who insists on three tablespoons of chilli powder and fifteen green chillies! What I am really saying is be adventurous, but at the same time you can tell us how much spicing you really like; we are more than happy to cook a dish to your particular taste: after all we do that for ourselves every day!

The policy on handling complaints at Jorna Restaurant We would much rather that you complain to us directly about any failures you become aware of concerning the standard of our food or service to customers.

It is our policy to handle complaints as quickly and as politely as possible. However it must be accepted that the decision of the management about whether a complaint is genuine or not is final.

We will always seek to ensure total customer satisfaction in dealing with genuine complaints.

To ensure that we can gain an accurate understanding of the nature of any complaint we must ask customers to observe the following guidelines:

Complaints about the quality of a meal must be received within thirty minutes of purchasing the food. If you have collected the food from our restaurant this means thirty minutes from the time you receive the food. Similarly if the food is delivered to you at home you must inform us of your complaint within thirty minutes of the delivery. In all cases of complaints about the quality of the food, the particular dish must be returned to the restaurant before any negotiation is possible. Where a complaint is genuine the dish will be replaced or the cost refunded.

Complaints about the quality of our service must be reported in writing to Jorna Indian Restaurant, 29 Wherstead Road, Ipswich within two days. Please tell us the date and the time at which the incident occurred. We will investigate the complaint and write back to you with the result of our investigation as soon as possible.
It is our policy to ensure that members of our staff are always polite to customers. With respect we ask that customers are also polite to us. The management reserves the right to refuse service to a customer when this boundary is crossed.