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Jorna Curry Card: Conditions of Use

Application may be made for a new card as soon as the expiry date has passed.

The card can be used to purchase meals eaten in the restaurant, or takeaway meals, at a discount rate of 20%. There is no limit to the number of times the card can be used within the valid period indicated on the card.

The card must be produced each time a purchase is made and at the time the goods are paid for in order to obtain a 20% discount on meals purchased.

The use of the card does not entitle the holder to a discount on any items which are already part of a special offer.

(The Buffet Nights and Banquet Nights count as a special offer, and so the card cannot be used to obtain a discount on these meals).

The card is only valid for the period indicated on the card. Jorna Indian Restaurant reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time prior to the expiry date.

The card remains the property of Jorna Indian Restaurant, and therefore cards which are lost or stolen cannot be replaced. The card is invalid if defaced in any way.

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